Brake discs for motorbikes and scooters Cagiva

We offer the Sifam discs with excellent quality/price ratio

Choice between 2 types of discs : wave and round

Example of wave disc

Example of round disc

Wave discRound disc

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ModelYearsFront waveRear waveFront roundRear round
Freccia 1251989-1992DIS1148FW
Mito 1251990-1994DIS1138FWDIS1138F
Mito 125 SP 5252008-2009DIS1138FWDIS1138F
Mito 125 EV Evoluzion1995-2010DIS1138FWDIS1138F
N1 1251997-1999DIS1138FWDIS1138F
Planet 1251997-2004DIS1138FWDIS1138F
Raptor 1252004-2010DIS1138FWDIS1138F
Supercity 1251991-2000DIS1138FWDIS1138F
500 V4 2T racing2011DIS1138FWDIS1138F
Canyon 5001999-2001DIS1037WDIS1037
River 5002000DIS1138FWDIS1138F
River 6001995-1999DIS1138FWDIS1138F
Raptor 650 /V-Raptor2001-2007DIS1162FW
Canyon 900 ie1996DIS1056WDIS1056
Elefant 900 ie GT1990-1992DIS1056WDIS1056
Grand canyon 9001998-2000DIS1056WDIS1056
Navigator 1000 T2000-2004DIS1056WDIS1056
Raptor 1000 /V-Raptor2000-2004DIS1162FW
Xtra-Raptor 10002000-2004DIS1162FW
ModelYearsFront waveRear waveFront roundRear round