Brake discs for motorbikes and scooters MBK

We offer the Sifam discs with excellent quality/price ratio

Choice between 2 types of discs : wave and round

Example of wave disc

Example of round disc

Wave discRound disc

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ModelYearsFront waveRear waveFront roundRear round
CR 50 Target1991-1995DIS1216WDIS1216
CS 50 Mach G Air2002-2013DIS1067W
CS 50 Mach G Liquide2002-2014DIS1067W
CW 50 Booster Spirit1996-1998DIS1216WDIS1216
CW 50 Booster Spirit1999-2014DIS1295WDIS5012
CW 50 L Booster 122008-2014DIS1216WDIS1216
CW 50 L Booster naked 13 inches2012-2014DIS1067WDIS1067
CW 50 LN Booster naked 12 inches2004-2014DIS1216WDIS1216
CW 50 N Booster naked 10 inches2004-2014DIS1295WDIS5012
CW 50 RS Booster NG1995-1998DIS1295WDIS1295
CW 50 RS Booster NG1999-2007DIS1067WDIS1067
CW 50 RSP Booster Rocket1997-1998DIS1216WDIS1216
CW 50 RSP Booster Rocket1999-2011DIS1295WDIS5012
EW 50 Stunt2000-2010DIS1067W
X-power 501997-2003DIS5014
YE 50 Evolis1992-1995DIS1216WDIS1216
YM 50 Fizz1993-1997DIS1216WDIS1216
YN 50 Ovetto 2-stroke1997-2013DIS1006WDIS1006
YN-F 50 Ovetto 4-stroke2009-2014DIS1067W
YQ 50 L Nitro Naked2005-2014DIS1067WDIS1067W
YQ 50 Nitro1997-2013DIS1067WDIS1067W
CV 80 Evolis1994-1997DIS1216WDIS1216
YN 100 Ovetto2000-2001DIS1006WDIS1006
YQ 100 Nitro2000-2004DIS1067W
XN 125 Doodo2000-2005DIS1128WDIS1128
YP 125 Skyliner1998-2010DIS1128WDIS1128
XN 150 Doodo2000-2002DIS1128WDIS1128
YP 250 Skyliner1996-1999DIS1333
YP 250 Skyliner2000-2005DIS1333DIS1334
YP 400 Skyliner2004-2008DIS1277W
ModelYearsFront waveRear waveFront roundRear round