Brake discs for motorbikes and scooters Piaggio

We offer the Sifam discs with excellent quality/price ratio

Choice between 2 types of discs : wave and round

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Example of round disc

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ModelYearsFront waveRear waveFront roundRear round
Diesis 502001-2004DIS1134WDIS1134
Fly 50 2T2005-2013DIS5006
Fly 50 4T2005-2010DIS5006
Free 501995-1999DIS5006
Free 50 Delivery2000-2001DIS5006
Liberty 50 2-stroke1997-2008DIS5007
Liberty 50 2-stroke MOC2009-2014DIS5007
Liberty 50 4-stroke2000-2008DIS5007
Liberty 50 4-stroke MOC2009-2014DIS5007
Liberty 50 S 2-stroke2006-2008DIS5007
Liberty 50 S 4-stroke2006-2008DIS5007
NRG 501994-1995DIS1006WDIS1006
NRG 50 Extreme/MC31999-2004DIS1024
NRG 50 Extreme/MC3 with rear disc1999-2004DIS1025WDIS1024DIS1025
NRG 50 MC21996-1998DIS1006WDIS1006
NRG 50 MC2 with rear disc1996-1998DIS1006WDIS1025WDIS1006DIS1025
NRG 50 Power DD2005-2014DIS1025WDIS5007DIS1025
NRG 50 Power DT2005-2014DIS5007
NRG 50 Power Purejet2005-2009DIS1025WDIS5007DIS1025
NTT 501995-1996DIS1006WDIS1006
ModelYearsFront waveRear waveFront roundRear round
Quartz 501992-1996DIS5005
Sfera 50 RST1995-1998DIS5005
Typhoon 50 SL2006-2010DIS1006WDIS1006
Typhoon 50 X1994-1997DIS1006WDIS1006
Typhoon 50 XR2000-2005DIS1006WDIS1006
Vespa 50 2-stroke Primavera2013-2014DIS5006
Vespa 50 2-stroke Sprint2014DIS5006
Vespa 50 4-stroke 4V Primavera2013-2014DIS5006
Vespa 50 4-stroke 4V Sprint2014DIS5006
Vespa ET2 502000-2005DIS5006
Vespa ET4 502000-2005DIS5006
Vespa LX 50 2-stroke2005-2008DIS5006
Vespa LX 50 2-stroke FL2009-2013DIS5006
Vespa LX 50 4-stroke2005-2008DIS5006
Vespa LX 50 4-stroke 4V2009-2013DIS5006
Vespa LXV 502006-2007DIS5006
Vespa S 50 2-stroke2007-2013DIS5006
Vespa S 50 4-stroke 4V2006-2013DIS5006
ZIP 50 2-stroke2008-2014DIS1025WDIS1025
ZIP 50 Base1993-1996DIS1216WDIS1216
ModelYearsFront waveRear waveFront roundRear round
ZIP 50 Fast rider1993-1996DIS1216WDIS1216
ZIP 50 RST1996-1999DIS1216WDIS1216
ZIP 50 SP 2-stroke1996-2014DIS1025WDIS1025
ZIP 50 SP 4-stroke2000-2014DIS1025WDIS1025
Typhoon 801995DIS1006WDIS1006
Diesis 1002001-2002DIS1134WDIS1134
Fly 1002006-2010DIS5006
Free 1002002-2003DIS5006
ZIP 100 4-stroke2006-2012DIS1025WDIS1025
Beverly 125 Grimeca caliper2002-2006DIS1244WDIS1244WDIS1244DIS1244
Beverly 125 Hengtong caliper2002-2006DIS1244WDIS1244WDIS1244DIS1244
Beverly 125 Euro32007-2008DIS1244WDIS1244WDIS1244DIS1244
Beverly 125 Tourer Euro32008-2010DIS1244WDIS1244WDIS1244DIS1244
Carnaby 1252007-2012DIS1244WDIS1244WDIS1244DIS1244
Fly 1252004-2011DIS5006
GTS 1252007-2010DIS5007DIS5007
Hexagon 125 LX LXT1998-1999DIS5006
Hexagon 125 LX41998-2001DIS5005
Liberty 1251998-2003DIS5007
Liberty 125 IE 3V2013-2014DIS5007
ModelYearsFront waveRear waveFront roundRear round
Liberty 125 MOC2009-2012DIS5007
Liberty 125 RST2004-2012DIS5007
Liberty 125 S2006-2008DIS5007
MP3 1252006-2011DIS1243W
MP3 125 Hybrid2009-2010DIS1243W
MP3 Yourban 1252011DIS1243W
New Fly 125 IE 3V Euro32013DIS5007
Sfera 1251995-1999DIS5006
Skipper 125 2-stroke LX1998-1999DIS1024
Skipper 125 4-stroke ST Grimeca caliper2000-2004DIS1024
Skipper 125 4-stroke ST Hengtong caliper2000-2004DIS1024
Super LX 125 GTX Grimeca caliper2000-2002DIS1243WDIS5006DIS5006
Super LX 125 GTX Hengtong caliper2000-2002DIS1243WDIS5006DIS5006
Typhoon 1251995-1998DIS1006WDIS1006
Typhoon 125 XR1999-2003DIS1006WDIS1006
Vespa ET4 1251996-2005DIS5006
Vespa GT 125 Grimeca caliper2003-2007DIS5007DIS5007
Vespa GT 125 Hengtong caliper2003-2007DIS5007DIS5007
Vespa GTS 125 Super IE2009-2014DIS5006DIS5007
Vespa LX 125 4-stroke2005-2011DIS5006
ModelYearsFront waveRear waveFront roundRear round
Vespa LX 125 4-stroke IE 3V2012-2013DIS5006
Vespa LXV 1252006-2007DIS5006
Vespa LXV 125 IE2009-2013DIS5006
Vespa PX 125 2-stroke2011-2014DIS5006
Vespa PX 125 FL1998-2007DIS5006
Vespa S 125 IE2009-2011DIS5006
Vespa S 125 IE 3V2012-2013DIS5006
X Evo 125 rear caliper 1 axis2007-2012DIS1244WDIS1243WDIS1244
X Evo 125 rear caliper 2 axis2007-2012DIS1244WDIS1243WDIS1244
X7 1252008DIS1244WDIS1243WDIS1244
X7 125 Evo IE2009-2011DIS1244WDIS1243WDIS1244
X8 1252004-2007DIS1244WDIS1243WDIS1244
X9 1252000-2002DIS1243WDIS1243W
X9 125 Evolution2003-2005DIS1243WDIS1243W
Fly 1502004-2010DIS5006
Liberty 1502000-2003DIS5007
Liberty 150 3V LEM2013-2014DIS5007
Skipper 150 2-stroke LX1998-1999DIS1024
Skipper 150 4-stroke ST Grimeca caliper2000-2004DIS1024
ModelYearsFront waveRear waveFront roundRear round
Skipper 150 4-stroke ST Hengtong caliper2000-2004DIS1024
Vespa LX 1502005-2007DIS5006
Vespa LX 150 IE 3V2012-2013DIS5006
Vespa PX 1502011-2014DIS5006
Hexagon 180 LX LXT1998-1999DIS5006
Super LX 180 GTX Grimeca caliper2000-2003DIS1243WDIS5006DIS5006
Super LX 180 GTX Hengtong caliper2000-2003DIS1243WDIS5006DIS5006
Vespa ET4 1801998-2004DIS5006
X9 1802000-2003DIS1243WDIS1243W
Beverly 2002000-2004DIS1244WDIS1244W
Carnaby 2002007-2012DIS1244WDIS1244WDIS1244DIS1244
GT 200 L Granturismo Grimeca caliper2003-2005DIS5007DIS5007
GT 200 L Granturismo Hengtong caliper2003-2005DIS5007DIS5007
Liberty 2002004-2007DIS5007
X8 2002004-2005DIS1244WDIS1243WDIS1244
X9 200 Evolution2003-2004DIS1243WDIS1243W
Beverly 2502005-2007DIS1244WDIS1244WDIS1244DIS1244
Beverly 250 Tourer2008-2011DIS1244WDIS1244WDIS1244DIS1244
Carnaby 250 IE2008DIS1244WDIS1244WDIS1244DIS1244
GTS 250 IE2005-2007DIS5007DIS5007
ModelYearsFront waveRear waveFront roundRear round
Hexagon 2501998DIS5006
Hexagon 250 GT1999-2000DIS5006
MP3 250 IE2006-2010DIS1243W
MP3 250 LT2009-2010DIS1243W
Super LX 250 GTX2000-2002DIS5005
Vespa GTS 2502005-2014DIS5007DIS5007
X Evo 250 IE2007-2013DIS1244WDIS1243WDIS1244
X7 250 IE2008-2009DIS1244WDIS1244
X8 250 IE2006-2007DIS1244WDIS1243WDIS1244
X9 2502000-2003DIS1243WDIS1243W
X9 250 Evolution2004-2006DIS1243WDIS1243W
Beverly 3002009-2010DIS1244WDIS1244WDIS1244DIS1244
Carnaby 300 Cruiser2009-2012DIS1244WDIS1244WDIS1244DIS1244
MP3 Yourban 3002011-2014DIS1243W
MP3 Yourban 300 LT2011-2014DIS1243WDIS1243W
Vespa GTS 300 IE2008-2014DIS5007DIS5007
X7 300 Evo IE2009-2014DIS1244WDIS1243WDIS1244
X10 350 IE 4V2012-2014DIS1243W
Beverly 400 IE2006-2007DIS1244WDIS1243WDIS1244
Beverly 400 Tourer2008-2012DIS1244WDIS1243WDIS1244
ModelYearsFront waveRear waveFront roundRear round
MP3 400 IE2007-2012DIS1243W
MP3 400 LT2009-2012DIS1243W
X Evo 400 IE2007-2010DIS1243WDIS1243W
X8 400 IE2006-2011DIS1244WDIS1243WDIS1244
Beverly 5002002-2004DIS1243W
Beverly 5002005-2008DIS1244WDIS1243WDIS1244
Beverly 500 Cruiser2007-2012DIS1244WDIS1243WDIS1244
MP3 500 LT2012-2013DIS1243W
X9 5002000-2002DIS1244WDIS1243WDIS1244
ModelYearsFront waveRear waveFront roundRear round