Brake discs for motorbikes Benelli

We offer the Sifam discs with excellent quality/price ratio

Choice between 2 types of discs : wave and round

Example of wave disc

Example of round disc

Wave discRound disc

Select your model below

ModelYearsFront waveRear waveFront roundRear round
491 GT 501998-2004DIS1134WDIS1134
K2 501998-2001DIS1134WDIS1134
K2 1001998-2001DIS1134WDIS1134
Velvet 1252000-2011DIS1004WDIS1004
Velvet 1502000-2007DIS1004WDIS1004
Velvet 2502000-2007DIS1004WDIS1004
Cafe Racer 8992008-2011DIS1273FWDIS1017
Century Racer 8992011DIS1017
TNT 8992007-2012DIS1273FW
TRE-K 8992011DIS1017
Tornado 900 TRE2003-2006DIS1273FW
Century Racer 11302011-2012DIS1017
TNT 1130 Cafe racer2005DIS1017
TNT 1130 Cafe racer2006-2010DIS1273FWDIS1017
TNT 1130 Cafe racer2011-2012DIS1017
TNT 1130 Sport Evo2004-2010DIS1273FW
Tornado 1130 TRE2006-2007DIS1273FW
TRE-K 11302011-2012DIS1017
TRE-K 1130 Amazonas2011-2012DIS1017
ModelYearsFront waveRear waveFront roundRear round