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Fork tubes Tarozzi for Honda motorbike

Fork tubes Tarozzi

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ModelVintagesRemarkMounting sideReference
MBX 801983-1986Left and rightTUB0167
MTX 80 R EAU1983-1986Left and rightTUB0105
MTX 80 R2 EAU1987Left and rightTUB0105
CB 125 N/J/S21976-1979Left and rightTUB0226
CB 125 S1975-1980Left and rightTUB0226
CBR 125 R2004-2015Left and rightTUB0626
FES 125 PANTHEON1998-2002Left and rightTUB6816
2003-2007Left and rightTUB6826
NES 125 @2001-2005Ø33 x 326Left and rightTUB6823
Ø33 x 320Left and rightTUB6814
NSR 125 R1994-2002Left and rightTUB0365
PS 125 I2006-2011Left and rightTUB6837
SES 125 DYLAN2003-2007Left and rightTUB6823
SH 1252001-2004Ø33 x 326Left and rightTUB6823
Ø33 x 320Left and rightTUB6814
SH 125 I2007-2008Left and rightTUB6814
XL 125 V VARADERO2001-2015Left and rightTUB0670
FES 150 PANTHEON1998-2002Left and rightTUB6816
2003-2006Left and rightTUB6826
NES 150 @2001-2005Ø33 x 326Left and rightTUB6823
Ø33 x 320Left and rightTUB6814
ModelVintagesRemarkMounting sideReference
PS 150 I2006-2012Left and rightTUB6837
SES 150 DYLAN2003-2007Left and rightTUB6823
SH 1502001-2004Ø33 x 326Left and rightTUB6823
Ø33 x 320Left and rightTUB6814
SH 150 I2005-2006Left and rightTUB6828
2005-2008Left and rightTUB6814
CB 250 N1978-1980Ø33 x 584Left and rightTUB0060
Ø33 x 581Left and rightTUB0031
CB 250 RS CD 6VIS1982-1983Left and rightTUB0059
FES 250 FORESIGHT1997-1999Left and rightTUB6816
XL 250 R1982-1988Left and rightTUB0084
XL 250 SZ SA1978-1981Left and rightTUB0068
SH 300 I2007-2015Left and rightTUB6835
CB 350 K4 F1974-1979Left and rightTUB0030
NS 400 R1985-1988LeftTUB0451SX
VF 400 F FD1983-1986LeftTUB0125SX
VFR 400 R1990-1994Left and rightTUB0288
XR 400 R1996-2004Left and rightTUB0454
ModelVintagesRemarkMounting sideReference
CB 500 F1972-1974Left and rightTUB0028
1975-1977Left and rightTUB0026
CB 500 R/T1994-1996Left and rightTUB0357
CB 500 S1997-1998Left and rightTUB0357
CB 500 S/N1999-2003Left and rightTUB0669
CX 500 CUSTOM1979-1981Left and rightTUB0062
1982Left and rightTUB0061
CX 500 EC1982LeftTUB0087SX
CX 500 TC TURBO1983Left and rightTUB0426
FT 500 C1982-1984Left and rightTUB0088
GL 500 DC SILVERWING1982Left and rightTUB0340
VF 500 F1984-1985LeftTUB0135SX
VT 500 C1982-1986Left and rightTUB0276
VT 500 E1983-1985Left and rightTUB0391
XL 500 R1982-1984Left and rightTUB0085
XL 500 SB1981Left and rightTUB0047
CBX 550 F1982-1986LeftTUB0090SX
ModelVintagesRemarkMounting sideReference
CB 600 F HORNET1998-2002Left and rightTUB0345
2003-2004Left and rightTUB0555
CB 600 FA HORNET with ABS2007-2014LeftTUB0697SX
CBF 600 N /ABS2004-2007Left and rightTUB0625
2008-2013Left and rightTUB0706
CBF 600 S /ABS2004-2007Left and rightTUB0625
2008-2013Left and rightTUB0706
CBR 600 F2011-2012Inverted forkLeftTUB0856SX
CBR 600 F1-F52001-2006Left and rightTUB0506
CBR 600 FH FJ1987-1988LeftTUB0202SX
CBR 600 FK FL1989-1990LeftTUB0202SX
ModelVintagesRemarkMounting sideReference
CBR 600 FM-FR1991-1994Left and rightTUB0270
Entraxe hole/bottom fork = 6,5Left and rightTUB0201
CBR 600 FS FT1995-1996Left and rightTUB0253
CBR600 FS SPORT2001-2002Left and rightTUB0506
CBR 600 FV FW1997-1998Left and rightTUB0253
CBR 600 FX FY1999-2000Left and rightTUB0409
CBR 600 RR2003-2004Left and rightTUB0540
2005-2006Left and rightTUB0612
2007-2012Left and rightTUB0673
CBR 600 RR ABS2009-2012Left and rightTUB0673
FJS 600 SILVER WING2001-2005Left and rightTUB6818
FJS 600 SILVER WING ABS2003-2010Left and rightTUB6818
SW-T 6002011-2015Left and rightTUB6818
VT 600 C SHADOW1994-1998Left and rightTUB0189
VT 600 C SHADOW VLX1999-2003Left and rightTUB0189
XL 600 LM RM1985-1988Left and rightTUB0146
XL 600 R1983-1987Left and rightTUB0120
XL 600 V TRANSALP1987-1988Ø41 x 730Left and rightTUB0438
Ø41 x 731Left and rightTUB0193
1989-1996Left and rightTUB0309
1997-1999Left and rightTUB0406
ModelVintagesRemarkMounting sideReference
XR 600 R1988-1990Left and rightTUB0543
1991-2000Left and rightTUB0471
CB 650 C1980-1981Left and rightTUB0063
CB 650 SC1982Left and rightTUB0063
CB 650 Z A B1979-1981Left and rightTUB0024
CBX 650 ED1985-1986LeftTUB0335SX
CX 650 E/EC/T/TD1983LeftTUB0305SX
FX 650 VIGOR1999-2002Left and rightTUB0526
GL 650 D2-E1983LeftTUB0087SX
NT 650 V DEAUVILLE1998-2005Left and rightTUB0449
NTV 650 REVERE1988-1997Left and rightTUB0252
NX 650 DOMINATOR1988-1994Left and rightTUB0241
1995-2002Left and rightTUB0331
SLR 6501997-1998Left and rightTUB0403
XL 650 V TRANSALP2000-2007Left and rightTUB0458
XR 650 R2000-2006Left and rightTUB0586
XRV 650 AFRICA TWIN1988-1990Left and rightTUB0488
ModelVintagesRemarkMounting sideReference
XL 700 V TRANSALP2008-2013Left and rightTUB0767
XL 700 VA TRANSALP /ABS2008-2013Left and rightTUB0767
CB 750 CUSTOM1981Left and rightTUB0064
CB 750 F21978Left and rightTUB0547
CB 750 F2 SEVEN FIFTY1992-2003Left and rightTUB0405
CB 750 F2C F2D1983-1984Left and rightTUB0020
CB 750 FB1982Left and rightTUB0020
CB 750 FZ FA1979-1981Left and rightTUB0020
CB 750 K1 K2 K31971-1973Left and rightTUB0022
CB 750 K4 K51974-1975Left and rightTUB0023
CB 750 K61976-1977Left and rightTUB0023
CB 750 KZ1979Left and rightTUB0020
CBX 750 F1984-1987LeftTUB0133SX
RVF 750 RR1994-1998Left and rightTUB0364
VF 750 C MAGNA1993-1999Left and rightTUB0463
VF 750 C SHADOW1982-1986LeftTUB0295SX
VF 750 CJ/CH CUSTOM1987-1988Left and rightTUB0294
VF 750 F INTERCEPTOR1983-1985LeftTUB0124SX
ModelVintagesRemarkMounting sideReference
VF 750 S SABRE1982LeftTUB0091SX
VFR 750 F1986-1987LeftTUB0172SX
1990-1991Left and rightTUB0203
1992-1993Left and rightTUB0402
1994-1997Left and rightTUB0307
VFR 750 R1988-1991Left and rightTUB0427
VT 750 C SHADOW2004-2008Left and rightTUB0631
VT 750 C2B SHADOW2011-2014Left and rightTUB0631
VT 750 DC BLACK WIDOW2000-2006Left and rightTUB0556
XRV 750 AFRICA TWIN1990-2003Left and rightTUB0184
PC 800 PACIFIC COAST1989-1999LeftTUB0479SX
VFR 800 FI1998-2001Left and rightTUB0395
VFR 800 FI VTEC2002-2009Left and rightTUB0541
VFR 800 FI VTEC with ABS2002-2013Left and rightTUB0541
CB 900 F BOL D'OR1978-1980Left and rightTUB0065
1981Left and rightTUB0066
ModelVintagesRemarkMounting sideReference
CB 900 F HORNET2002-2007Left and rightTUB0518
CB 900 F2 BOL D'OR1982-1985Left and rightTUB0092
CBR 900 RR FIREBLADE1992-1993Left and rightTUB0404
1994-1997Left and rightTUB0249
1998-1999Left and rightTUB0339
CBR 929 RR FIREBLADE2000-2001Left and rightTUB0447
CBR 954 RR FIREBLADE2002-2003Left and rightTUB0447
CB 1000 F BIG ONE1993-1999Left and rightTUB0389
CB 1000 R2008-2015LeftTUB0741SX
CB 1000 RA ABS2009-2015LeftTUB0741SX
CBF1000 F2006-2010Ø41 x 620Left and rightTUB0671
2010-2012Ø41 x 624Left and rightTUB0853
CBF1000 FA /ABS2006-2010Ø41 x 620Left and rightTUB0671
2010-2012Ø41 x 624Left and rightTUB0853
CBR 1000 F1987-1988LeftTUB0182SX
1989-1992Left and rightTUB0374
1993-2000Left and rightTUB0296
ModelVintagesRemarkMounting sideReference
CBR 1000 RR FIREBLADE2004-2005Left and rightTUB0581
CBR 1000 RR FIREBLADE ABS2009-2011LeftTUB0693SX
CBX 1000 B/C1981-1982Left and rightTUB0018
CBX 1000 PROLINK1983Left and rightTUB0049
CBX 1000 Z1979-1980Left and rightTUB0513
GL 1000 K GOLD WING1975-1979Left and rightTUB0225
VF 1000 F F21985-1987LeftTUB0136SX
VF 1000 FE1984-1985LeftTUB0136SX
VF 1000 R1984-1987LeftTUB0136SX
VTR 1000 F FIRESTORM1997-2006Left and rightTUB0347
VTR 1000 SP12000-2001Left and rightTUB0470
XL 1000 V VARADERO1999-2006Left and rightTUB0497
ModelVintagesRemarkMounting sideReference
XL 1000 V VARADERO ABS2007-2012Left and rightTUB0497
CB 1100 RB1981Left and rightTUB0137
CB 1100 RC1982Left and rightTUB0460
CB 1100 SFY X-112000-2001Left and rightTUB0527
CBR 1100 XX1997-1998Left and rightTUB0302
1999-2007Left and rightTUB0459
GL 1100 D GOLD WING1980-1983Left and rightTUB0067
ST 1100 PAN EUROPEAN1992-2002LeftTUB0456SX
VT 1100 C SHADOW1985-1993Left and rightTUB0621
1994Left and rightTUB0187
VT 1100 C2 SHADOW1995-2001Left and rightTUB0453
VT 1100 C3 SHADOW1998-2001Left and rightTUB0453
GL 1200 D GOLD WING1984-1987Left and rightTUB0457
VFR 1200 F2010-2011LeftTUB0818SX
VFR 1200 F DCT2010-2011LeftTUB0818SX
ModelVintagesRemarkMounting sideReference
VFR 1200 F DCT TCS2012-2015LeftTUB0818SX
VFR 1200 F TCS2012-2015LeftTUB0818SX
CB 1300 N/S2003-2005Left and rightTUB0624
CB 1300 N/S ABS2006-2014Left and rightTUB0624
VTX 1300 S RETRO2003-2008Left and rightTUB0645
CB 1500 MUGEN2011Left and rightTUB0624
GL 1500 F6C VALKYRIE1997-2002LeftTUB0538SX
GL 1500 SE GOLD WING1995-1998Left and rightTUB0361
1999-2000Left and rightTUB0584
ModelVintagesRemarkMounting sideReference