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Fork tubes Tarozzi for Yamaha motorbikes

Fork tubes Tarozzi

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ModelVintagesRemarkMounting sideReference
DT 125 R1988-2002Left and rightTUB0251
DT 125 RE1989-2005Left and rightTUB0251
RD 125 LC11982-1984Left and rightTUB0104
RD 125 LC2 YPVS1985-1988Left and rightTUB0104
TZR 1251987-1992Left and rightTUB0177
TZR 125 R ITALIE1992-1993Left and rightTUB0177
VP 125 X-CITY2007-2012Left and rightTUB6842
XT 125 R2005-2010Left and rightTUB0695
XT 125 X2005-2010Left and rightTUB0695
XV 125 VIRAGO1997-2001Left and rightTUB0319
YBR 125 CUSTOM2008-2009Left and rightTUB0782
YP 125 MAJESTY1998-2010Left and rightTUB6813
YPR 125 X-MAX2006-2009Left and rightTUB6838
YZF 125 R2008-2013Left and rightTUB0732
DT 200 R1988-1996Left and rightTUB0251
TW 2001993-1999Left and rightTUB0577
VP 250 X-CITY2007-2013Left and rightTUB6842
XV 250 SP VIRAGO1995-2002Left and rightTUB0319
XV 250 VIRAGO1989-1994Left and rightTUB0319
YP 250 MAJESTY1996-1999Left and rightTUB6812
YP 250 MAJESTY DX1998-1999Left and rightTUB6812
ModelVintagesRemarkMounting sideReference
YPR 250 X-MAX2005-2009Left and rightTUB6838
VP 300 VERSITY2003-2006Left and rightTUB6833
RD 350 LC1980-1982Left and rightTUB0079
RD 350 LC YPVS1983-1984Left and rightTUB0129
1985Left and rightTUB0157
1986-1988Left and rightTUB0175
TT 3501986-1993Left and rightTUB0429
XT 3501985-1995Left and rightTUB0212
FZR 400 RR EXUP1990-1995Left and rightTUB0264
XJ 4001982Left and rightTUB0081
XS 400 C1981Left and rightTUB0106
XS 400 S1982-1987Left and rightTUB0080
XS 400 SE US1980-1981Left and rightTUB0106
YP 400 MAJESTY2004-2013Left and rightTUB6825
RD 500 LC1984-1986Left and rightTUB0158
SR 5001978-2000Left and rightTUB0342
XP 500 T-MAX2001-2003Left and rightTUB6817
XP 500 T-MAX / ABS2004-2007Left and rightTUB6821
2008-2011Left and rightTUB6834
XS 5001976-1980Left and rightTUB0043
ModelVintagesRemarkMounting sideReference
XT 5001976-1977Ø36 x 605Left and rightTUB0502
1979Ø35 x 570Left and rightTUB0069
1980-1989Ø36 x 664Left and rightTUB0070
XV 500 K VIRAGO1983Left and rightTUB0132
XP 530 T-MAX /ABS2012-2015Left and rightTUB6834
XV 535 DX VIRAGO1995-2002Left and rightTUB0198
XV 535 SP VIRAGO1988-1994Left and rightTUB0198
XJ 5501981-1985Left and rightTUB0045
XT 5501982-1983Left and rightTUB0100
FZ6 600 FAZER N/S2004-2007Left and rightTUB0590
FZ6 600 FAZER S2 N/S2007-2010Left and rightTUB0779
FZR 6001989-1993Ø38 x 664Left and rightTUB0186
1991Ø38 x 644Left and rightTUB0268
FZR 600 R1994-1996Left and rightTUB0209
1997-1999Left and rightTUB0334
FZS 600 FAZER1998-2003Left and rightTUB0393
SRX 6001985-1989Left and rightTUB0448
TT 600 E ITALIE1996-2002Left and rightTUB0595
TT 600 JAPON1990-1992Left and rightTUB0220
TT 600 R1997-2003Left and rightTUB0587
TT 600 S ITALIE1993-1995Left and rightTUB0474
ModelVintagesRemarkMounting sideReference
XJ 6001984-1991Left and rightTUB0156
XJ 600 N DIVERSION1995-1997Left and rightTUB0190
1998-2002Left and rightTUB0381
XJ 600 S DIVERSION1992-1997Left and rightTUB0190
1998-2002Left and rightTUB0381
XJ6 600 DIVERSION N/S2009-2015Left and rightTUB0789
XT 6001983-1984Left and rightTUB0131
1985-1986Left and rightTUB0131
1987-1989Left and rightTUB0174
XT 600 K1990-1994Left and rightTUB0188
XTE 6001989-1994Left and rightTUB0188
1995-2003Left and rightTUB0229
XTZ 600 TENERE1983Ø41 x 660Left and rightTUB0121
1984-1987Ø41 x 660Left and rightTUB0418
1988-1991Ø41 x 675Left and rightTUB0200
YZF 600 R THUNDER CAT1996-2003Left and rightTUB0286
YZF 600 R61999-2000Left and rightTUB0368
2001-2002Left and rightTUB0531
2003-2004Left and rightTUB0532
2005Left and rightTUB0606
2006-2007Left and rightTUB0641
2008Ø41 x 525LeftTUB0691SX
inverted forkRightTUB0691DX
2009Ø41 x 523LeftTUB0792SX
inverted forkRightTUB0792DX
ModelVintagesRemarkMounting sideReference
XJ 650 SECA1980-1982Left and rightTUB0071
XVS 650 A CLASSIC1998-2007Left and rightTUB0477
XVS 650 S DRAGSTAR1997-2001Left and rightTUB0323
MT-03 6602006-2013Left and rightTUB0660
SZR 6601995-1998Left and rightTUB0553
XT 660 R2004-2007Ø43 x 715Left and rightTUB0685
2004-2015Ø43 x 680Left and rightTUB0618
XT 660 X2004-2013Left and rightTUB0633
XTZ 660 TENERE1990-1999Left and rightTUB0192
XTZ 660 TENERE2008-2015Left and rightTUB0800
FZ 7501985-1986Left and rightTUB0161
FZR 750 R1989-1992Left and rightTUB0195
FZX 750 FAZER1986-1993Left and rightTUB0341
TX 7501973-1974Left and rightTUB0044
XJ 750 SECA1981-1982Left and rightTUB0101
XS 7501977-1979Left and rightTUB0046
XTZ 750 SUPER TENERE1989-1998Left and rightTUB0180
XV 750 SE1981-1982Left and rightTUB0108
XV 750 VIRAGO1990-1998Left and rightTUB0239
YZF 750 RR/SP1993-1995Left and rightTUB0260
1996-1999Left and rightTUB0346
ModelVintagesRemarkMounting sideReference
FZ8 FAZER2010-2015LeftTUB0819SX
TDM 8501991-1995Left and rightTUB0204
1996-1998Left and rightTUB0327
1999-2002Left and rightTUB0483
TRX 8501996-1999Left and rightTUB0293
XS 8501980-1982Left and rightTUB0046
XS 850 L1981-1988Left and rightTUB0046
TDM 9002002Left and rightTUB0519
TDM 900 ABS2006-2013Left and rightTUB0642
TDM 900 R2003-2005Left and rightTUB0519
XJ 900 F1983-1994Left and rightTUB0143
XJ 900 S DIVERSION1995-2003Left and rightTUB0412
FZ1 1000 FAZER N/S2006-2015LeftTUB0688SX
FZR 1000 EXUP1989-1990Left and rightTUB0219
1991-1993Left and rightTUB0247
1994-1995Left and rightTUB0290
ModelVintagesRemarkMounting sideReference
FZR 1000 GENESIS1987-1988Left and rightTUB0166
FZS 1000 FAZER2001-2005Left and rightTUB0490
XV1000 TR11981-1990Left and rightTUB0417
XV 1000 VIRAGO1984-1987Left and rightTUB0207
YZF 1000 R THUNDER ACE1996-2001Left and rightTUB0318
YZF 1000 R11998-2001Ø41 x 543Left and rightTUB0351
2000-2001Ø41 x 514
Left and rightTUB0493
2002-2003Ø43 x 520Left and rightTUB0514
2004-2006Ø43 x 520Left and rightTUB0604
2007Ø43 x 540Left and rightTUB0666
2009-2011Ø43 x 559LeftTUB0786SX
inverted forkRightTUB0786DX
YZF 1000 R1 SP2010Ø43 x 559LeftTUB0786SX
inverted forkRightTUB0786DX
BT 1100 BULLDOG2002-2006Left and rightTUB0552
FJ 11001984-1985Left and rightTUB0141
XS 1100 LH MIDNIGHT1981-1982Left and rightTUB0077
XV 1100 VIRAGO1986-1993Left and rightTUB0207
XVS 1100 A CLASSIC2000-2005Left and rightTUB0536
XVS 1100 S DRAGSTAR1999Ø41 x 610Left and rightTUB0380
2000-2002Ø41 x 604Left and rightTUB0482
ModelVintagesRemarkMounting sideReference
FJ 12001986-1990Left and rightTUB0141
FJ 1200 with ABS1991-1994Left and rightTUB0348
FJ 1200 without ABS1991-1992Left and rightTUB0343
V-MAX 12001988-1992Left and rightTUB0208
1993-2006Left and rightTUB0312
XJR 12001995-1998Left and rightTUB0344
XTZ 1200 SUPER TENERE2010-2013LeftTUB0860SX
XTZ 1200 WORLD CROSSER2012-2013LeftTUB0860SX
XVZ 1200 VENTURE ROYAL1984-1985Left and rightTUB0338
FJR 13002001-2002Left and rightTUB0515
FJR 1300 ABS2003-2005Left and rightTUB0515
2006-2009Left and rightTUB0686
XJR 1300 SP1999-2001Left and rightTUB0411
XVZ 1300 AT ROYAL STAR1996-2001Left and rightTUB0430
XVZ 1300 TF VENTURE STAR1999-2001Left and rightTUB0512
XV 1600 A WILD/ROAD STAR1999-2002Left and rightTUB0400
MT-01 17002005-2012Left and rightTUB0650
MT-01 SP OHLINS2009-2011Left and rightTUB0650
ModelVintagesRemarkMounting sideReference