Brake discs for motorbikes Harley Davidson

We offer the Sifam discs with excellent quality/price ratio

Choice between 2 types of discs : wave and round

Example of wave disc

Example of round disc

Wave discRound disc

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ModelYearsFront waveRear waveFront roundRear round
XL 883 C2000-2010DIS1026DIS1027
XL 883 C Low2004-2010DIS1026DIS1027
XL 883 C Super Low2011-2012DIS1026DIS1027
XL 883 R2000-2010DIS1026DIS1027
XLH 883 Sportster1985-1999DIS1028
XLH 883 Sportster2000-2006DIS1026DIS1027
XLH 883 Sportster Hugger2000-2003DIS1026DIS1027
XLH 10001983-1985DIS1028
XLH 11001985-1988DIS1028
XLS 10001979-1983DIS1028
XL 12002000-2003DIS1026DIS1027
XL 1200 C Sportster custom2000-2013DIS1026DIS1027
XL 1200 L Sportster2007-2011DIS1026DIS1027
XL 1200 N Nightster2008-2012DIS1026DIS1027
XL 1200 R2004-2008DIS1026DIS1027
XLH 12001991-1999DIS1028
FLHS 13401990-1993DIS1028
FLHT 13401985-1986DIS1028
ModelYearsFront waveRear waveFront roundRear round
FLHTC 13401985-1999DIS1028
FLHTC 1340 CL1990-1999DIS1028
FLST 13401988-1990DIS1028
FLSTC 13401990-1999DIS1028
FLSTF 13401990-1999DIS1028
FLT 13401984-1985DIS1028
FLTC 13401985-1990DIS1028
FLTH 13401984DIS1028
FXDB 13401991DIS1028
FXDL 13401993-1999DIS1028
FXDWG 13401993-1999DIS1028
FXE 13401983DIS1028
FXE 13401985-1986DIS1028
FXLR 13401987-1988DIS1028
FXR 13401984-1990DIS1028
FXRD 13401985-1986DIS1028
FXRS 1340 Low glide1984DIS1028
FXRS 1340 Low rider1985-1986DIS1028
FXRS 1340 Low rider sport1987DIS1028
ModelYearsFront waveRear waveFront roundRear round
FXRS 1340 Low rider sport1990DIS1028
FXRT 13401985-1990DIS1028
FXST 13401984-1986DIS1028
FXSTC 13401985-1988DIS1028
FXSTS 13401990-1999DIS1028
FXWG 13401985-1988DIS1028
XLH 1340 Dyna glide Daytona1991DIS1028
XLH 1340 Dyna glide Sturgis1991DIS1028
FLH 1450 series Touring2000-2007DIS1026DIS1027
FLSTC 1450 series Softail2000-2007DIS1026DIS1027
FLSTF Fat Boy2004-2006DIS1026DIS1027
FLT 1450 series Road2000-2007DIS1026DIS1027
FXD 1450 series Dyna2000-2007DIS1026DIS1027
FXST 1450 series Softail2000-2007DIS1026DIS1027
FLSTC Heritage Softail Classic2008-2012DIS1026DIS1027
FLSTSB Softail Cross Bones2008-2011DIS1026DIS1027
FXCW Rocker2008-2011DIS1027
FXDB Dyna Street Bob2008-2012DIS1027
ModelYearsFront waveRear waveFront roundRear round