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Fork tubes Tarozzi for Suzuki motorbikes

Fork tubes Tarozzi

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ModelVintagesRemarkMounting sideReference
RG 125 GAMMA1985-1991Left and rightTUB0178
UH 125 BURGMAN2007-2013Left and rightTUB6832
UH 200 BURGMAN2007-2013Left and rightTUB6832
AN 250 BURGMAN1998-2001Left and rightTUB6810
GT 2501973-1978Left and rightTUB0040
1979Left and rightTUB0337
RG 250 GAMMA1986-1987Left and rightTUB0308
RGV 2501989-1990Left and rightTUB0170
1991-1992Left and rightTUB0236
1993-1996Left and rightTUB0245
TU 250 X VOLTI1997-2001Left and rightTUB0371
GT 3801972-1977Left and rightTUB0040
AN 400 BURGMAN1999-2006Left and rightTUB6811
DR 400 S1980-1981Left and rightTUB0110
DR-Z 400 E2000-2008Left and rightTUB0823
DR-Z 400 S2000-2009Left and rightTUB0823
DR-Z 400 SM2005-2009LeftTUB0775SX
GSF400 BANDIT1990Left and rightTUB0306
1991-1995Left and rightTUB0242
ModelVintagesRemarkMounting sideReference
GS 4501980-1989Left and rightTUB0072
DR 5001981-1983Left and rightTUB0076
GS 500 E1988-1989Left and rightTUB0298
1990-2003Left and rightTUB0326
GS 500 F2004-2007Left and rightTUB0696
GT 5001975-1978Left and rightTUB0521
RG 500 GAMMA1985-1987Left and rightTUB0169
GS 550 D spoke wheel1977Left and rightTUB0039
GS 550 E spoke wheel1978-1979Left and rightTUB0039
GS 550 E alloy wheel1980-1982Left and rightTUB0037
GSX 550 E1983-1986Left and rightTUB0126
DR 600 R1989-1991Left and rightTUB0210
DR 600 S1985Left and rightTUB0145
1986-1988Left and rightTUB0210
GSF 600 BANDIT S/N1995-1999Left and rightTUB0287
2000-2004Left and rightTUB0503
GSR 6002006-2012Left and rightTUB0653
GSX 600 F1988-1997Left and rightTUB0215
2004-2006Left and rightTUB0362
ModelVintagesRemarkMounting sideReference
GSX-R 6001997Left and rightTUB0303
1998-2003Left and rightTUB0352
2004-2005Left and rightTUB0602
2006-2007Left and rightTUB0640
2008-2010Left and rightTUB0764
RF 600 R1993-1998Left and rightTUB0291
VS 600 GL INTRUDER1994-1999Left and rightTUB0197
AN 650 BURGMAN2003-2015Left and rightTUB6815
DL 650 V-STROM2004-2006Left and rightTUB0601
2012-2013Left and rightTUB0851
DL 650 V-STROM / V-STROM ABS2011Left and rightTUB0601
DL 650 V-STROM /ABS2007-2010Left and rightTUB0601
DL 650 V-STROM ABS2014-2015Left and rightTUB0851
DL 650 V-STROM XT ABS2015Left and rightTUB0851
DR 650 R1992-1994Left and rightTUB0176
DR 650 R/RS1990-1991Left and rightTUB0211
DR 650 RE1994-1995Left and rightTUB0329
DR 650 RSE1991-1996Left and rightTUB0176
DR 650 SE1996-2003Left and rightTUB0632
ModelVintagesRemarkMounting sideReference
GR 6501983-1989Left and rightTUB0114
GS 650 G1981Left and rightTUB0095
GSF 650 BANDIT N2005-2006Left and rightTUB0627
2007-2015Left and rightTUB0781
GSF 650 BANDIT N ABS2005-2006Left and rightTUB0627
GSF 650 BANDIT S2005-2006Left and rightTUB0627
2009-2015Left and rightTUB0781
GSF 650 BANDIT S ABS2005-2006Left and rightTUB0627
2007-2008Left and rightTUB0781
GSX 650 F2008-2015Left and rightTUB0781
LS 650 SAVAGE1986-2000Left and rightTUB0214
SFV 650 GLADIUS2009-2015Left and rightTUB0791
SV 650 N1999-2002Left and rightTUB0396
SV 650 S1999-2002Left and rightTUB0396
XF 650 FREEWIND1997-2001Left and rightTUB0528
DR 750 BIG1989-1990Left and rightTUB0227
DR 750 S1988Left and rightTUB0227
ModelVintagesRemarkMounting sideReference
GSX 750 ESD EFE1983-1984Left and rightTUB0116
GSX 750 ET EX1980-1981Ø35 x 708Left and rightTUB0034
1981Ø35 x 625Left and rightTUB0052
1982Ø35 x 602Left and rightTUB0096
GSX 750 F1989-1997Left and rightTUB0216
1998-2006Left and rightTUB0452
GSX 750 INAZUMA1998-2002Left and rightTUB0359
GSX-R 7501985-1987Left and rightTUB0179
1988-1989Left and rightTUB0194
1990-1993Left and rightTUB0248
1994-1995Left and rightTUB0246
1996-1999Left and rightTUB0277
2000-2003Left and rightTUB0455
2004-2005Left and rightTUB0602
GT 7501973-1977Left and rightTUB0495
VS 750 GL1985-1987Left and rightTUB0213
VS 750 GL INTRUDER1988-1991Left and rightTUB0213
ModelVintagesRemarkMounting sideReference
DR 800 S1994-1996Left and rightTUB0185
DR 800 S BIG1991-1993Left and rightTUB0185
VL 800 INTRUDER C8002001-2005Left and rightTUB0533
VX 8001990-1997Left and rightTUB0384
VZ 800 MARAUDER1997-2004Left and rightTUB0516
RF 900 R1994-1998Left and rightTUB0350
DL 1000 V-STROM2002-2010Left and rightTUB0550
GS 1000 E1978-1980Left and rightTUB0035
GS 1000 G1980-1981Left and rightTUB0036
GS 1000 H1978-1979Left and rightTUB0035
GSX-R 10002001-2002Left and rightTUB0473
2003-2004Left and rightTUB0560
2005Left and rightTUB0623
GSX-R 1000 ABS2015LeftTUB0850SX
ModelVintagesRemarkMounting sideReference
SV 1000 N2003-2007Left and rightTUB0562
SV 1000 S2003-2007Left and rightTUB0562
TL 1000 R1998-2002Left and rightTUB0366
TL 1000 S1997-2000Left and rightTUB0313
GSX 1100 EFE/ESE1984-1986Left and rightTUB0363
GSX 1100 F1988Left and rightTUB0320
1989-1993Left and rightTUB0314
GSX 1100 G1991-1993Left and rightTUB0292
GSX 1100 SD/ESD KATANA1982-1983Left and rightTUB0097
GSX-R 11001986-1988Ø41 x 596Left and rightTUB0173
1989Ø41 x 697Left and rightTUB0171
1989Ø43 x 588Left and rightTUB0297
1990-1992Ø41 x 548Left and rightTUB0230
GSX-R 1100 W1993-1994Ø41 x 565 thread 1,50Left and rightTUB0310
1993-1994Ø41 x 565 thread 1,25Left and rightTUB0284
1995-1998Ø43 x 575Left and rightTUB0278
GSF 1200 BANDIT S/N1996-2005Left and rightTUB0317
GSF 1200 BANDIT S/N with or without ABS2006Left and rightTUB0657
GSX 1200 INAZUMA1999-2001Left and rightTUB0480
GSF 1250 BANDIT S/N2007-2015Left and rightTUB0657
GSF 1250 BANDIT S/N ABS2007-2015Left and rightTUB0657
GSX-R 1300 HAYABUSA1999-2007Left and rightTUB0441
GSX 14002001-2007Left and rightTUB0525
VS 1400 GL INTRUDER1989-2001Left and rightTUB0196
VL 1500 INTRUDER1998-2008Left and rightTUB0422
ModelVintagesRemarkMounting sideReference