Expendable / Maintenance


  • Electricity
  • Air and oil filters

    Air and oil filters for motorbikes and scooters :

    Athena filtersChampion filtersK&N filtersSifam filters

    Use the filters to narrow your search

  • Liquids / Sprays


  • Brake pads

    We offer you the Carbone Lorraine pads which are divided in several ranges  :

    • Road and Sport

    • Racing for use on closed roads

    • Scooter small and large

    Carbone Lorraine pads are sintered metal technology
    CLbrakes has developed NoNiTech : The No Nickel Technology and as opt for sustainable development by making products free of lead, asbestos and nickel.

  • Tires
    Motorbike, scooter and quads tires

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